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Whatever you are doing is working....

No matter how hard we try to keep our horses safe, accidents happen. Just in the last month, we've worked on Buddy, who slipped on some ice, Cloud, who got into a fight with a gate, and then there is CC.

This beautiful mare was in a lunging accident a few years ago. She flipped and fractured the bones in her withers. Since then, she has developed bad arthritis; she is very sweet, but is also very quick to let you know that she doesn't feel good. Bite attempts and half-hearted kicks were not unusual for her. I've had the pleasure of massaging CC twice now and it has been effective. Her caretaker and I can see the differences in not only her physical being, but also in her attitude and outlook on life, as well.

Today the farrier came for her trim; he had not seen her since she started her bi-monthly massages. His reaction is one that I will never forget:

"I don't normally believe in all the massage stuff, but I can pick this mare's leg up further today than I have ever been able to. Whatever you are doing is working. The last time I was able to pick up both of her back legs was when the vet had drugged her".

My heart is about to explode!

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