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T-Man and Barrel Racing Stiffness

When it comes to competing, horses are some of the most impressive athletes. But just like human athletes, they can become sore, stiff, and tired. Fortunately, AmberCare Equine Massage can help.

A Little Too Relaxed

Equine Massage is one of the oldest known forms of animal care; it has been dated back over 200 years. By the look on T-Man's face, we can see why! Just like most first massages, T-Man wasn't really sure what to expect but quickly realized this was going to be a good visit. It didn't take long for him to relax and just enjoy his massage.

Amber stated, "I love watching a horse relax during their massage, but I wasn't ready for T-Man's reaction. After moving from his bicep femoris to his semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles (i.e.basically his rear end and "hamstring" in his hind leg) T-Man started REALLY relaxing. "He was so relaxed, he decided to just try to sit down," laughed Amber. "There's a first time for everything!"

Understanding The Muscles

Now as barrel racers, these horses are competing with all their might. Turning those tight circles and thrusting forward with such force causes some serious tension and strains their muscles.

As this equine massage continued it was clear that T-Man had worked his pattern often. Amber quickly realized that his two turns of the cloverleaf pattern were to his right, and his young rider confirmed.

You see, there was far more tension and knots on his right side. He leaned into her more and his reactions were stronger on the right side. It was evident that it felt so good to relieve some of the tension on that side.

After it was all said and done, the T-Man's rider let Amber know that there was a noticeable difference in her next ride with him. And in the barrel racing world, we hope that means faster times and more wins! Best of Luck, T-Man!


If you and your riding partner race barrels or compete, and would like to get on the schedule please contact AmberCare by clicking the link below.

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