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AmberCare Helps Buddy's Recovery

After a pretty nasty fall on Christmas Day due to some ice, Buddy needed a little extra attention to help him get back on track. AmberCare was able to step in and help him feel start feeling better.

How Equine Massage Helped Buddy

If you have ever had a nasty fall, you can probably relate. Many times its not just where you land that hurts but your entire body. This is no different with a horse.

After Buddy's fall, there was a noticeable pain in his rear left leg. Not only was his left leg scraped up but he had a severe limp. "When I showed up, I could see that he didn't feel good and my heart hurt for him." Says Amber Tuckwiller, owner of AmberCare Equine Massage.

Buddy wasn't quite sure what to think when he was tied up and getting prepped for his massage. You could see the uncertainty in his eyes and the fact that he just didn't feel great. However, after the initial evaluation he quickly settled in for his 60 minute equine massage.

"Throughout the massage, Buddy kept leaning into me, almost like he wanted more pressure." says Amber. "I could feel the knots in his right side where he was compensating for his injury and I knew it had to feel good." When a horse is injured on one side, often times the opposite side has more tension. The animal is compensating for the injury and causing undue stress on the opposite side. This is where Equine Massage can really help alleviate the pain and work out the tension.

Once we were finished with the Equine Massage, Buddy went out for his cool down. While his limp was still there, you could see he was far more relaxed and moving with more freedom.

While a single massage won't help heal an injury of this magnitude; it was clearly visible that Buddy felt better after his massage. In fact, as he walked in the stall, Dawn the stable Manager mentioned that he didn't "hop" into the stall as he did before. Buddy was feeling better, more confident, and on his way to recovery.


If you have a horse in pain or needing help with recovery give us a call. We will do our best to help alleviate some of their pain and speed up their recovery.

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