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The Massage


Benefits of Equine Massage


We ask a lot from our horses.  See how Equine Massage Therapy can help your horse.

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Just like human athletes, specialized care helps horses perform at their best. 

Primary Benefits:
Recommended Treatment Options:

Relaxes both their muscles and their minds

Improves circulation

Increases flexibility to help prevent injury

Assists in muscle recovery after performance

- 48 hours before and 48 hours after event.

-After intense workouts. 

-Once a week on a rest day.

What To Expect?

AmberCare is here to help your horse feel its best with our Equine Massage Therapy.


Before I arrive the horse should be brushed free of debris, haltered and tied and ready for their massage. 


After the initial evaluation, each horse will receive a thorough full body massage that covers all major muscle groups.

Cool down 

Once the massage is over, it is recommended you hand walk your horse for five to ten minutes.

Services and Fees


A single massage will include an evaluation and sixty minute massage.  Please have your horses brushed and free of debris and tied up ready for their massage.

(1) 60 min session: $100.00


If you're interested in scheduling a series of massages for your horse, the Trifecta is the perfect option. This gives you a 10% discount for purchasing three massages.

(3) 60 min sessions: $270


The farm discount is perfect for barns, stables or vet offices  that need multiple horses massaged during the same day. Get 15% off each massage with the Farm Discount

15% Off Multiple Horses  

*Please note: If your horse(s) are not tied and free of debris, or if you would prefer to have us help with the basic grooming, there will be a $35 charge.

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Our Guarantee

AmberCare guarantees to put the health and safety of every horse first.  Our mission is to improve the lives of any animal we interact with.  

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