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Why I became a Equine Massage Therapist

I have always been drawn to animals and feel connected to them. Now, I can put my passion to work helping horses that need physical and/or emotional help.

What do you do?

Someone once suggested that I answer that question not by replying with what my job is, but by stating what my hobbies are and what I love to do. The thought process was that we subconsciously describe ourselves by what work we do; not by what we enjoy doing and what defines us.

I struggled with this for a long time. What did I enjoy doing? What was I passionate about?

I've spent my career sitting at a desk, often looking longingly through the window, wishing i could be outside doing SOMETHING. But what? I don't have a green thumb, by any means. I'm trying to get better, but outside of digging up potatoes, I don't really enjoy it much. I admire the majesty of the trees and can identify more birds by sound and sight than most. I find the flowers pretty and cloud formations interesting. However, what really makes my heart skip a beat, and what I truly love, are animals.

I love the rabbits, the cows, the dogs, the cats, the squirrels, the groundhogs, the deer....all of them. Okay, all of them except the turkeys. I don't like turkeys. I was bit by one when I was a kid and I just can't get over it. But I digress. What I have come to realize, though, is that horses are my favorite. I feel connected to them, drawn to them. I look into their eyes and feel like I am gazing into their soul, and they into mine. they make me smile and make my heart full.

So,. What do I do now?

I'm a certified equine massage therapist. Finally, my answer is both my job AND my passion. It defines who I am and makes me very happy.

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